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Fisher Island Fun! ~{Miami Family Photography}~

It isn’t every day that I have the chance to ride the ferry over to Fisher Island for a shoot – but recently, I was lucky enough to do just that! As I drove my car onto the boat, I immediately relaxed as we floated over the water watching Miami’s magnificent downtown skyline fade away, […]

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Sweet smiles and loopy curls ~{Miami Child Photographer}~

This family was so wonderful to work with, and so completely lovely to look at, that I can’t help but want to share their images with you – even while I am officially on vacation. What can I say? When you love what you do, work doesn’t feel like work – even while you vacation. […]

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Just goofing around ~{Miami Child Photographer}~

My 7 year old cracks me up. She’s just plain the most hilarious kid I’ve ever met and I never tire of photographing her. Never! She has such a wonderful, fun-loving spirit – I hope you can see it in these bright, colorful shots of her goofing around for me. Enjoy!

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“It goes too fast…” ~{Miami Baby Photographer}~

“It goes too fast.” If you are a parent, chances are you have uttered that phrase. It’s your standard parental mantra, I suppose. And while it may be a cliche, it’s also true – you’re nodding your head as you read this, aren’t you? It’s precisely how I feel looking at these photos of my […]

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Watching them grow ~{Miami Child Photographer}~

It is so wonderful when old clients return to me – it’s amazing to watch the kids grow and grow. You probably remember this family from a previous post of mine titled:  “Think of it as family fun time” . The little guy was just 5 months old then, but look at him now! He’s […]

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