Miami Christmas ~{Miami Child Photographer}~

About 5 years ago I saw a photo that stopped me in my tracks and made me say: “That! THAT is what I want to do with my camera!” It was a lovely photo of three young brothers standing near their own Christmas tree. The white lights of the tree illuminated the image and created a warm glow that was absolutely gorgeous. It’s the photo I credit for pushing me beyond the mere piddling around I had been doing with my first DSLR camera – a little Canon Rebel XT – to really diving in and learning how to use that camera to create photos I loved. I haven’t looked at that inspiring photo from 5 years ago in quite a while, and I prefer it that way since I’m afraid I might ruin the magic of it in my memory if see it too often. But what I do like to do is create my own little version of that photo every few years. Not only is it a way for me to document my growing family, but it also reminds me to keep trying to create images I love as often as I can.

And so, without any further blabbing, here is my interpretation of that inspirational photo I saw all those years back. Happy holidays from my little family to yours!

December 2013:





December 2009:



Autumn at the Beach ~{Miami Beach Photographer}~

Doing beach photography sessions all year long is one of the best parts of being a photographer in Mami! We can slip on a sundress, toss off the flip flops and play in the waves – even in November. Take a look at this beautiful family who returned to me for a combination family and maternity photography session after mom found out she was pregnant with baby two. Ahhh – doesn’t it look absolutely amazing out there? Fall in Miami – you can’t beat it!





Baby Sister Makes Four {Miami Child Photographer}

Do you remember this pretty little family? You’ve seen them before back when big sis was just a teeny little thing. Well, she has a new little sister and she and her family came back to see me for some updated family photos. I was thrilled to photograph them again since I love watching these lovely families grow and grow. For this shoot, the family wanted to head to the beach and since when do I say “no” to that? Never – that’s when. Bonus points for the fact that it is fall and we are in the beach in sundresses and shorts – you can’t beat that. You just can’t! So take a look at this family’s newest photos – feel free to “oooh and ahhh” over big sister’s sweet smile, and little sister’s adorable little face.

Big sister was a gorgeous baby – here she is before….

Check her out now!

That face!

Here’s her new little sister – couldn’t you eat her right up?

She’s a fresh new crawler – it might look like she sat and posed for this shot, but she was on.the.move!

How about a few looks at the whole family all together. Ahhh, I love this gentle beach light all glowy and soft. Aren’t they beautiful?

Hugs and Color and Smiles {Miami Family Photography}

I shot this happy, beautiful family a while back and am only just now getting around to putting them up here on my site – so sad! They were lovely to shoot and are as sweet a family as you are ever going to meet. People like this make my day – and I hope this pretty photos made theirs!

If you’re a regular around here, you know I love a good triptych – gorgeous with all that bright, bold color!


If one triptych is good, two is better, no? Look at this sweet girl! I think purple is her power color. 😛

Urban Family Style {Miami Family Photographer}

You’ve seen the incomparable Nathalie and her lovely family on my site before here and also over here , but I just never grow tired of watching her wonderful children grow year after year. (Not to mention that she and her husband are among the most stylish and beautiful people you will ever meet!) Well, she came through with yet another fantastic family shoot here, don’t you agree?  I love the urban feel of this session with the eye-catching graphic black & white stripes surrounding them. If I’m lucky, I’ll be photographing Nathalie and her family again very soon – yay! So be on the lookout for more of this gorgeous family around these parts in the next few weeks!

Do you die? Because I die.

Her purple hightop shoes with this lace dress? I just can’t describe it except to say that it is 100% HER – and I love every bit of it!


Little sis is her mommy’s mini-me in so many ways – adore her!


Another peek at these beautiful little girls all full of smiles!

F a c e b o o k