Newborn Session Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn sessions are a special breed all their own. Not only do they take longer than a regular session, but they are also time-sensitive since they are done within baby’s first 14 days of life.  Take a look at the FAQs below to learn more. If you have any other questions, or want to book a newborn session, please contact me by phone at 305.804.2767, or email me at

1. The babies on your site seem so little – how soon are you photographing them?

The vast majority of babies on my site were photographed within the first 14 days of life. This brief window is the optimal time to photograph a newborn. Newborn babies change so much, so soon – if you really want to capture that precious time when they are truly new, then you should plan on photographing them within the first 14 days.


2. Why does a newborn session have to happen within the baby’s first 14 days of life? 

This 14-day time period is crucial since it is a period when the baby hasn’t yet “woken up to the world” and is most flexible and cooperative in terms of posing. After 14 days, a baby generally does not tolerate a newborn session as well, and a parent will likely not get the types of photos you see on my site.


3. Are there any exceptions to the 14-day window of time when newborn sessions should take place?

When a baby is born prematurely or when a baby spends extra time in the hospital after the birth, they tend to be more accepting of a newborn shoot outside the 14-day window. This is probably because being born early has left baby a bit behind in terms of “waking up to the world” and becoming too stiff in the limbs to reliably pose. I have photographed some babies up to 21 days old, but it is almost always better to hold the session sooner rather than later!


4. I am expecting – when should I book my newborn session?

Most of my expecting moms contact me around their 6-7 month of pregnancy. I add your due date to my calendar and leave enough cushion in my schedule to shoot your session in the couple of weeks before or after your  due date depending on when baby arrives. If you are over 7 months pregnant and want to book a newborn shoot, that’s okay, too!  Just contact me – I may have a slot in my schedule for you. But it’s always best to contact me as soon as possible – I only do a limited number of sessions per month in order to guarantee that my clients get my full attention and receive the custom experience they want.


5. I had my baby. Now what?

I am not kidding when I say that I’ve had clients call me on the way to the hospital to tell me that their baby would be born soon! Once your baby arrives, contact me as soon as possible so that we can set up a session within the first 14 days.


6. Where do you shoot these sessions? Do I bring my baby to a studio?

I shoot newborn sessions on location in the client’s home. I bring everything I need with me to the shoot. All you must supply is the baby! When I arrive in your home, I will find a space with optimal light and set-up my shooting area there.


7. How long will the newborn shoot take?

You should allow for between 3-4 hours for a newborn session. These sessions take a great deal of time, patience and care – they cannot be rushed. I always follow your baby’s cues and allow for as many breaks for feeding as needed.


8. Can I book a family session at the same time as my newborn session?

Newborn shoots focus mainly on the baby. Because of the additional time and specialized set-ups used during newborn sessions, I cannot combine a full family shoot into the newborn session. We can plan for a few shots of the parents with the baby, the whole family with the baby, and/or the new baby with its siblings. But a newborn session is not a good time to attempt a full family session with multiple shots of older siblings alone, or parents with older siblings.

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