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Three little love letters…

Sometimes, I look at my daughters, and I can’t believe how lucky my husband and I are to have them.  Each time they do something funny, or silly, or sweet, it’s like a little love letter from my husband to me and back again. So here they are, my three little love letters. ♥ ♥ […]

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A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short! ~ {Miami Maternity Photographer} ~

I had the best intentions when I shot these maternity self-portraits. I was 38 weeks pregnant and thought I’d have time to edit a few and toss them up on the blog before the baby came…except that the baby arrived exactly 3 days after I shot these! Soooo, yeah – there went my grand plan! […]

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My own…born ~{Miami Newborn Photographer}~

I love photographing newborns. But this one? This one is special because she is mine. She is as beautiful and as sweet as her two big sisters before her. She was a waterbaby – born in a birthing pool while I labored in the water. She emerged at 7:15 pm on August 30th. I heard […]

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The big, blue wall… ~{Miami Child Photographer}~

So. I drive by this big, blue wall almost every day. And each time I’d pass it I’d think: “Self, why haven’t you photographed your girls there yet?!” Well, I finally did it. Bonus: during this shoot, I had the help of a very talented assistant who made sure that every little thing I asked […]

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And we’re off! ~{Miami Shores Child Photographer}~

What better way to kick-off my blog than to begin with what’s mine – meet my two daughters!  First, my 6-year old – who is awesome in all of the ways in which she is a contradiction: she is hilarious, yet tells the worst ever knock-knock jokes; she loves french fries and pizza, but also […]

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