Beauty, beaches and boots! ~{Miami Vacation Photographer}~

I photographed this lovely couple from Tennessee when they vacationed in Miami as an early celebration of their 5th wedding anniversary. It’s a brilliant idea, really – hiring a photographer while on vacation. That way, you have something a lot nicer than just cell phone selfies at the end of your trip. You guys know what I mean – those pics where you put your faces close together and one of you holds the phone out to snap the shot? There’s always the inevitable arm-holding-the-cell-phone extending from one corner of the frame, and also the risk that someone’s face got cut out entirely.  Don’t settle for that – give me a call and let’s do things right!

Before we take a peek at the images, can we take a moment to marvel at the fact that these two have been married for 5 years? I know, I know, I thought that same thing: “They barely look out of their teens!” But not only do they look young and beautiful, they were also two of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet. And never, not once, did they ever complain – not even when it was a meeeellion degrees out there and they were being attacked by mosquitoes the size of honeybees (good thing I brought reppellant!) We met at mosquito-o’clock – read: “shortly before sunset” – for a beach shoot that rocked my world! People, when they did a little wardrobe change midway through, and she pulled out those cowboy boots, I just about died and went to heaven – I loved that they brought some Tennessee cowboy style to this beach session. Take a look!

First there were brilliant greens and white sands…


But then the sky turned a blue that was so incredible, I could barely believe my eyes. Don’t they look absolutely amazing here?!


Sunset had just begun and their gorgeous beach-tanned skin is as beautiful as that warm, orange sky.

Wardrobe change! The boots are coming…

Yeehaw – aren’t those boots great? These two look as HOT as the setting sun you see back there! It doesn’t hurt that her legs are so long that they appear to begin somewhere around her neck.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – I loved them!


See this couple and learn more about Dee Dunham Photography here:

Kara Layfield - September 25, 2012 - 4:28 pm

Gorgeous couple and location…and those boots are totally hot! I know they must be thrilled with these! You’ve done it again Dee!

Amber - September 26, 2012 - 8:05 pm

WOW. These are absolutely incredible. You are so good at what you do! They must be in love with these!

Jen - September 27, 2012 - 6:49 am

*SWOON* What beautiful photos for two beautiful people! Gorgeous work, Dee!

Christine Aguilera - September 27, 2012 - 4:02 pm

We are in love with these pictures! and from two very un-photogenic people all the credit goes to Dee!

Michael Kormos - October 12, 2012 - 10:26 am

Dee, this is STUNNING light, posing, emotion, EVERYTHING! You rocked this shoot!

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