It’s been quite a year here, and I’d like to thank each and every client who made it so wonderful. From my family to yours, have a wonderful holiday, and a happy new year!


Soft ~{Miami Newborn Photography}~

What a gorgeous baby boy – I even caught his little smile! I just love photographing newborn babies – so soft and serene. Call today to set up a session for your baby – 305.804.2767

New ~{Miami Baby Photographer}~

I have known this baby’s mother for many years. So when she told me she was pregnant, I was thrilled! But when she told me she wanted me to photograph her baby, I was totally over the moon! Here he is in all of his fresh, new glory – so beautiful and precious.


Another gorgeous day at the beach ~{Miami Beach Photography}~

It might be snowy, wet or just plain chilly in other parts of the country, but here in Miami, we’re still jumping waves along the shore. I met this beautiful family on the beach for their photography session, and once I saw this warm, gorgeous, AMAZING light, I knew we’d end up with some fantastic images. Want to know what I mean by “amazing light?” Take a look at this – the family had stopped for a moment to play a little game where one person sketched shapes in the sand while the others guessed what was being drawn. See that golden ray of light peeking through the trees and practically kissing them? THAT is amazing light!

Or how about the crazy beautiful light in this photo of the gorgeous daughter – her hair was all aglow, her skin was sun-kissed and warm. It was just insane out there!

I loved photographing this sweet family, and I know that they will enjoy these family photos for years to come. Want your own beach photography session bathed in the warm light of a Miami evening? Well contact me and let’s make it happen!!



Sun, sand, beach, family ~{Miami Beach Photography}~

I love it when my favorite families return to me. Comparing the “then” to the “now” is always so incredible – babies become toddlers, toddler become preschoolers, preschoolers become school kids, and on and on. This gorgeous family came back to me for a photography session on our beautiful Miami beaches. And I’m so glad they did! Mom and dad are two of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet, and their girls are not only gorgeous, but funny and smart and all things fantastic. Check them out!

Here are the kids back when I first photographed them a couple of years ago:


And here they are now! I know. I KNOW! Gorgeous, right?


Those girls get it from their mama – she’s stunning!


But I can’t leave out dad – he is so in love with his sweet girls.

If you’ve been around here long enough then you know I’m a TOTAL SUCKER for a daddy-daughter collage. I’m a pile of mush over these images!

We played around in the sunset light and got some wonderful stuff:

The girls danced in the waves…


And they ran along the shore. Please look at those amazing bouncing curls!

Looking to book a session? Contact me – I’d love to create beautiful photographic art for your family!


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